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Rounds 7 & 8 Of FPUSA F4 Western Championship Head To Portland & William Ferguson Leads in Points

Rounds 5 and 6 of the Formula Pro USA Western F4 Championship at Sonoma turned out to be quite an eventful weekend despite a relatively small field. With temperatures reaching over 95 degrees on Friday, the drivers were put to work for a full day of testing with a total of 6 sessions.

On Saturday, William Ferguson put the VMB Driver Development car on pole position, he said, “It felt great to put it on the front row in front of the VMB guys, and with covid slowing down a little bit, it was really cool to finally meet Steve Brisintine and to hang out with both him and Andy Brown. They’re the ones who are making this whole thing possible”. Ferguson didn’t get the best of starts and paved the way for Arthreya Ramanan to get by going into turn 2. After a few laps of hard battling, Ferguson squeezed by Ramanan and went on to win round 5 of the Formula pro USA F4 Championship with Dan Decker taking the third step on the podium.

Round 5 Podiom

Grabbing a second pole position on Sunday, Ferguson did not make the same mistake twice and kept Ramanan at bay through the first couple laps. After creating a gap the caution flag came out which put every class together on the restart. Both Ferguson and Ramanan showed immense skill having to make their way through the Formula Mazdas while jockeying for the top step on the podium. Ramanan came out on top with Ferguson right behind in a close second and Jack Holmes in third.

Steve Brisintine, William Ferguson, and Andy Brown.


“I am excited for rounds 7 and 8 of the Formula Pro USA Western F4 Championship located at the Portland International Speedway in Oregon on July 22-25. This wide European style race track is a new track for me and it’ll be a great experience. Thank you Steve and Andy for making this possible with the VMB Driver Development program, and Telo Stewart and the World Speed Motorsports team for your constant support.”

See you in Portland!


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